Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3DsMax 2010

Quite some time i didnt update my artblogs... My pc were upgraded to vista long time ago , Never thought that the 3DsMax 9 arent really supports in vista , So i re-installed the 2010 version.

Speaking of 2010 version of 3Dsmax , It's major change is the interface, They pretty like the black interface for designers, It's like Black equals to Designers(As the AE's interface also black)

Let's see what i explore and discover what things added...

*Changes of the interface*

-There are boxes from every upper right corner just like Maya.
-The File options changed to a big 3DsMax Logo and something similiar to Microsoft Office 2007
-Some features changed . They rearranged the modifier bar which makes me getting blur and blur @_@(I cant find the omni light thou)

*The rendering scene*

I better start pratise before my skills get rusty :D