Saturday, November 29, 2008

The End Of Week8

It's the end of week 8 (NO !!!), Yet i'm still slacking with my final year project , Kinda dissapointed because all my time management ruined once i play game...Hehe

So i uninstalled most of my game to prevent that (included Crysis Warhead , that i played over and over about 4-5times , Alone in the dark5 that i played twice) Haha...just to let you know how "sien" i will be in beating games...

My animations would be ink and paint based Texture , So it would be a bit bored with the texture, So i re-edit for this "toyish" texture for display purpose...

*Wish i can create this toy *

Wow...a watermarks!... No offence but i had to do this because it's my FYP by the way(Camie's work include in it)...

Okay...Feel sorry that i mention the "week8" above ...Reminds me the rest of the week would be troublesome...Aww..

Friday, November 14, 2008


I found something interesting via Internet...It's called the ARToolkits(Augmented Reality)
It's enable camera such as Iphone or webcam to interact with the programs and analyze the specific black square like barcode....
Enough for my lousy explainations...let's just look the video

It's so cool that i myself also downloaded one....
Then when i try out myself via my webcam....Tada~

*The paper ...I print it out with A4(too big already =.=)*

Some monster appear in 3D !...


*3D Mecha crawling ~*

For more information ...Check this out

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Speed draw


another short post....

This one i draw it "cincaily" ...take me around 1 hour roughly....

Draw + Color with Wacom bambo fun...(it's really fun ..XD)

Okay...get my ass outta my chair for bath now....


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's been a while i didnt update my ArtsBlog...Which means.... I seldom work on it ...haha
Trip here trip there until i didnt even wanted to work on my FYP(Final Year Project)...

(Repent myself)

My FYP would be 3D Animations , It's not that i'm pro on 3D animations....
(Actually i even didnt got the basic knowledge about animating 3D) It's that i wish to try out something new that i wont regret afterward...

I did know that using my FYP as my own experiment would be risky ... But ...
All i hope was the satisfactions to fulfill myself...

I'll enjoy working in Game sections as well...But rather than Game design , 3D animations is more challanging...

So stop the craps... Here goes my character...

*The legendary Wisher...*

Ink and paint effect with Mapped Eye on it.... good looking , But hard to animate the eye...

* Another blackie Wisher*

Throw already the Blackie concept and now bring out a new concept which can animate it's eye....

*The new wishers*

Does it look like RÖ's Deviruchi + Totoro?

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Decepticon's icon !
It's another re-render again , This one i done it at diploma~

3Dmax 9 + Vray render

*Decepticon !*

*Prespective view*

*Glass material + 50% transparent*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


For looking what i have done in these 3D..... i found myself always creating stuff like toys and small stuff.... doubt i'm making these things...probably because my skills sux ba~
But i'm enjoy of being toy maker *lol*..

So i enhance the reality of my 3D and end up something like these:

*behold...the metallic army*

The lonely Robo..

*enhance with metallic feel*

Speaking of metallic feel (metal chrome material)... I apply it into every 3D of mine...
End up with my Mobile Ball...

*The mobile pod Ball....with metallic feel*

*different view of my pod*

*having toyish feel ?...i doubt..*

*All the 3d are created by 3Dmax9 with mental ray + MrOmni Light*

Oh ya...will having my last paper for "content development" tomorrow...hopefully i can pass la....haha

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Keroro Gunso 2

Latest 3D before i stepped into exam world!
p/s: It's re-render again...*sigh* ...Damn lazy to model another new 3D haha...

Presenting...Keroro Gunso Keychain!


*Keroro Gunso Keychain...wee*



Saturday, August 30, 2008

Short Render 2

Was researching the 3D max and trying to render something old , Abandon , Wasted works.

Okay here goes :-
This one i render using Mental ray(Metal Chrome Material) and found out the effect isn't bad either...And something funny is , I just realize how "blurish" JPEG file was compare to PNG or TIFF file...Haha silly me...

*Done in Mental Ray Render...Looks like toy =.=*

After working on Mental Ray , I plan to work on Vray. Although i'm not familiar with it , But ..can try it out la....
But overall Vray is spending more time and more effort to render(If open GI and Vray Skylight)...
And the result was not bad either...
*haha ignore the tag there , Handle not perfect though*

And here another Vray work with Text format.
*Yeah Illustreamer!*
I'm still a novice for Vray and mental Ray(although mostly i also dunno >_<)...haha

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Short Render

In first i was trying to create some ice cube.
But turn out to be some kinda plastic transparent cube *sigh*

*Some Cube..*

Render in Glass(3dmax material) with mental ray

In my personal opinion , Mental ray was somehow ...more easy to use compare to Default scanline or mostly - Vray . The material stuff is more variety compare to others.

You can download Vray version9 here.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weird Stuff...

Some random post of mine during the time that i rushing on my assignment , My last assignment that left behind. After monday will be "Freedom" Wuhuhu~

Ball Fiesta whole week...haha

Ok enough of my crap...Some 3D that i create during my "Sien time"

*Fantom Mk-II tank...*

*Some weird stuff that i create for reflection+material study purpose*

*Still the weird stuff...lolz*

Yea i know it's been a while since my last post...but hey...don't worry..

I'll be back ..ngek ngek..

Friday, August 8, 2008


So , Due to the burden of my assignment....i'll slow down the pace for blogging...means lesser blog before my assignment can finish it ....

Now a days my sleeptime almost everyday 3-4am due to assignment....
haiz...what to do?...Designer's life..

*a plasma LCD screen with 2 speaker*

Sunday, August 3, 2008

SuckerSuper Duper Desktop

Okay...I'll try to upload my super duper(for me la) desktop at here...
What else that you still want?(nice enough for me to render is perfect already)
2gb ram and 250gb hard disc

*My lovely desktop*

*illustreamer blogspot appear!...*

*another shot for my LCD screen*

Ok la...i's my crappy oldie 3D again la...

Can't be done without fish's skylight ! ~muaks~have to treat him KFC jor

Thursday, July 31, 2008

LCD Screen

It's just a normal LCD screen that brought from low yat about rm6++ , I brought this along with my new Desktop pc about 4month ago...

*Samsung LCD screen..*

*Is not a bad LCD for high resolution either...*

Anyway just back from Zoo Negara... *click*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RoarBot in 3D

For my final year project i will be doing some 3D animation
Thus i'll be practise and practise until i'm familiar with 3D...i love 3D...Muaksss...

So i take and model 1 of my creation...the RoarBot

*Original look of RoarBot*

Then end up like this ...The leg cacat after model into a box shape...
so i change into this...

*Seems like the same old robot that i create for my whole life *sigh*

*i blend the lightling to skylight mode thanks to mr fish *


Monday, July 21, 2008

Re-Edit 3D stuff

Argh...Anyone can teach me 3D ma?....
Desperately need to learn advance 3d Skills for my final year project that originate with 3D and 2D animations... But now my skill so poor like hell...So scare if my Final Year project will fail me...Argh...

Nevertheless....I re-edit my previous TEAM FORTRESS -Pyro's weapon Flamethrower into this 2D version...

*Using paint texture*

*touching and adjusting the texture to become this*

Enjoy....while i'm still can...lolz

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pika Pika

Damn...Now a days Pokemon always pop up in my mind....probably is because of i played pokemon this few weeks....

So i decided to draw the pokemon - Pikachu in me....

*Pikachu masked rider...lolz*

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Monster Come Alive...

The Monster Come Alive...Wuhuhu..
So This is my assignment for ms.yashi's Hybrid comes alive. It's kinda sux when i saw tons of artpiece better than mine....

Ok la ...enough of the crap...let's see what i got...

*Rubbish monster...Made of...erm..branches , Rubbish and usb plug*

*Some tree monster made by tree branch and leafs...*

*Grrr...The Chainsaw killing mutant turtle or whatever...made by Scissor blade , tree branches , etc*
*Stone dragon , Made by...ofcause stone lo....*
* a days i seldom blog..
Mostly for the assignment , It's really freaking me out...*save me argh*

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well...I think Wacom should come in handy when there are no paper beside me...(Haha)

Some sketches that i draw using wacom and turn into this =.=

Ya i know...It's not suitable to draw when tons of assignment are coming around me....

*Eve HandPhone Deco ...Some character of mine*

I wonder will it come out with Key chain as well? :P

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wacom Drawing

The character that i draw using wacom...
(Firstly draw a layout)
(Finish the layout then the Outline)
(Finish with outline then fill up the color)
(Finally Finish it with shade)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Behold..Chibi Ironman

Thanks to my wacom , I can finally granted my wish of being draw into photoshop , No more hands drawing and scan...lolz

I still cant catch the tricks of drawing my outline smoothly . It's harder than you thought as you draw using wacom instead of paper...But i prefer paper due to it's "Nature"..

(To infinite and beyond~)

P/S: I strongly believe that the director of this movie(Jon Favreau) will release episod 2...wakaka

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robotic with Dreams

After Resting for my busy internship , I decided to create another art piece in 3D (sorry for keep on stick to 3D , I will try to work on other application next time..)

okay , I draw in AI to make sure i get the shape of my piece - ROBO.

(My robo in AI)

But end out in 3D...Kinda went astray...)

(3D look is a bit of weird compare to AI version)

I'll like to make my 3D character animate , So whoever having Bone skills please teach me T_T,
i know nothing about Bone and animation in 3D...So teach me please T_T

Then i figure my texture mapping wasn't that good either...(in conclusion i was SUCKS)
So i change my mapping and turn into this

(Some reflective Metallic texture)